Cult beauty companies in your MDs


Cult beauty companies in your MDs

Faye Easter was 21 and caring for her three-month-old son when she received the Instagram message.

« Hey I watched your feed and I think you would be perfect for this new business opportunity I have! »

With a baby, Faye didn’t get much sleep. « I wasn’t very clear-headed. I just thought I could make some money with it. »

She signed up to sell beauty and health products for multi-level marketing (MLM) company Arbonne and invited her sister to join her.

Faye says she spent the money buying products from the company, but sold almost none.

“There was hardly any product training, it was all about recruiting people and getting people to join your team,” she says.

And his sister’s inscription made him feel like « a predator stalking its prey ».

« After that I felt horrible because I just made him spend that money for absolutely nothing. »

When Faye asked the person who had recruited her if they could focus on selling rather than recruiting, she said she had been shut down.

She said, ‘No, we sell products, but you have to put your team together so that you can sell together and be promoted.’

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