dressage 2022 .dressage calendar 2022 .best dressage horse . best dressage horse in the world .dressage competitions 2022 .dressage tests 2022 .fei dressage tests 2022 .fei dressage rules . dressage 2022 SECTION E – DRESSAGE AND PARA-DRESSAGE INTRODUCTION For any circumstances not specifically covered in these rules, reference should be made to the publications listed below. … Lire la suite

Horses need help in Ukraine! .. Animals are not spared the war

 A British equine consortium seems to be the first to publicly launch an aid project aimed at assisting horses affected by the growing crisis following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Spearheaded by the British Equestrian Federation, the British Horse Society, the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) and World Horse Welfare, with the support of various … Lire la suite

Can you make money from dressage 2022

  For a top-of-the-line horse that’s already dressage 2022 trained at an Olympic caliber, it will cost anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000. However, not everyone is wanting that or can even afford that! If you already have a horse, there’s no need to purchase a new one for dressage. Save money by starting out with … Lire la suite

top dressage stallions 2022

 top dressage stallions 2022.elite stallions dressage.grand prix dressage stallions .helgstrand stallions .eventing stallions .german dressage stallions. Top Dressage 2022 : is one of the highest forms of horse training, where the horse responds to very slight movements from its rider to perform certain tasks. The directions from the rider are so slight, anyone with an … Lire la suite

usef horse of the year 2022

 usef horse of the year 2022- u.s. dressage rankings- festival of champions 2022- usef rankings. dressage national championships 2022- zone 2 standings 2022. usef talent search standings. horse standings. Facts about horses Did you know? Due to their success in tournaments, Hanoverian stallions as well as mares and foals can be quite expensive. In addition … Lire la suite

This handsome young stallion is Max

 This handsome young stallion is Max.  He got his bay roan color from his Momma Sydney and his handsome conformation from his Papa Mystique.     The day his was born he was stolen in a matter of minutes by Little Socks.  Mystique didn’t seem to mind and never put up a fight.  Instead he focused … Lire la suite