I found Blue, who was irritated because I interrupted his nap.

 Yesterday I was on the range from 10 am to about 3.  I was looking for Sunny and Chase.  I found Blue, who was irritated because I interrupted his nap.  When his Lady saw me she stepped toward them to say we had uninvited company.  

Now I admit I was so far into the Pine Nut Mountains that the snow across the jeep trails had no tire tracks across it.  I am sure the Blue’s band went there hoping for peace and quiet until I showed up.  Lady was standing and Keanu and Blue were sound asleep under a tree.  I talked to them so I didn’t startle them…. but they were in no mood to have company.  

The were not happy when they slowly headed east, yawning and stretching and ignored me.  I respected that and went back to the Jeep.   When I got home I looked at this photo as they walked away from me. I realized… what incredible condition they are in.  Keanu’s coat looks like he is slick and shiny with a mid-summer coat.   He glows with health.  Lady and Blue the same way.   

As I got out to hike the area they were in I found all kinds of new bunch grass and new little shoot of fresh grass from the recent snow.  It was a beautiful day in the hills of the Pine Nut Mountains.

Mystique.   He seem to be targeted by a few bachelors since he let his young daughters go To their new home with Carson.  They are very attracted. To his lovely mare Treasure.

 But Treasure is somewhat committed to her handsome  Mystique. She has no interest in younger males. She is quite happy with the status quo. 

Mystique has no sense of humor for anyone interested in trying to get Treasures attention. John Humphrey caught his mood when another guy tried to get her attention. He knows how to treat a lady.

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