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 Good morning from our lovely Rosebud! 

Pine Nut Mountains has its very own Rose Garden

Oh, my goodness She has grown up to be such a beautiful young lady!

This ol’ Mare.  I wish she could talk and tell us all that she has seen over her many years on the Fish Springs Range.  She is rumored to be Blue’s Mom and her grey muzzle tells us she doesn’t have a lot more years on this range.  The filly she is hugging is her last daughter Ruby. 

 Ruby will be four this year and fortunately we have been able to keep her Mom from having any more foals.  She has always been with Shorty, as long as I can recall.  Shorty has been missing for a couple months now.  We suspect we have lost him.  Both Suzie Q and Shorty were up in years. Like Old Momma, we suspect they were close to 30. 

 The Fish Springs range seems to keep them healthy.  The old mares are just so darn smart and the young ones learn much from them.   We pray that Suzie Q can die on the range she was born on.

This was a most moving day on the range . Blue had lost his band to several bachelors. 

The fight had gone on for weeks. The bachelors broke up the band, each stallion taking two or three members of Blue’s family and Blue realized he would never have his family back. 

He wandered around alone for days and then one day you could feel his sorrow. The young bachelors stood with him to mourn his loss. The stood quietly with him in solidarity for over an hour without raising their heads. Blaze, Shadow, JT and Baby Blue. I sat in my truck with tears pouring down my face for over an hour. Can you remember who the other two are? This is 2018

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