Kim Stead is spending a lot of time on the Nevada

 Kim Stead is spending a lot of time on the Nevada desert this time of the year.  There is a whole lot of drama going on as the first day of spring is only 12 days away and all the boys can smell spring in the air.  The young bachelor stallions are anxious to leave their genes on the range and they are working hard to convince the mares to run away with them. 


Every March Intruder returns to our range and this year he brought his lovely two year old daughter Margarita.  Gunsmoke and Rocket managed to steal Margarita and her Momma Mia.   They established the ranking of Rocket as band stallion and Gunsmoke a lieutenant.  Even with the two of them the bay stallion Comet managed, after days of following them managed to steal the mares.  All of these are the older bachelors.  They are all four year olds.   The other boys, Max and Joker have also been trying their very best.  Max also four and Joker the oldest at 6.  


I found Margarita and Mia on the top of a hill watching for threats with Comet.  On the side of the hill were standing quietly Max, Joker and one other .  I slowly take my time and load a birth control dart in my rifle and wander to Margarita while she is distracted. 

 I manage to dart her and go back to the jeep to put things away.  I suddenly see two bay horses run from behind me with Comet on Jokers tail.   They run at full speed across the top of the hill, down the jeep trail to the bottom and across the desert.  Only stopping to rear and wrestle.  Well over a mile away I think what a rookie move that was for Comet as he left his mares with the other two bachelors.  I walk over and while they were tempted to try they didn’t dare try to take the mares. 

 The two mares trot down the other side of the hill and head east to find Intruder.  Suddenly out of the sagebrush Rocket appears and he runs to the mares.   He enjoys several minutes reuniting with the mares who were his only a day ago.  From a half mile away Comet sees what is going on and gallops across the range to claim his mares back.  He touches noses with Rocket and squeals a warning.  Obviously a tired stallion Rocket, from days of trying to hold on to the mares, simply walks away.  But we know it is all not over yet.   

This is a wonderful time of the year to grab your camera and enjoy observing true wild horse behavior.

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