ECCO FEI World Championships 2022

Dressage at the ECCO FEI World Championships 2022 at Herning got off to a thrilling start on Saturday, with 46 horse and rider duos performing the Grand Prix test for both Team and Individual competition. At the end of the evening, Dinja van Liere of the Netherlands and Hermes, a 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood stallion, led the field on a score of 78.835 percent that won the hearts of the fans in the Stutteri Ask Stadium and wooed the seven international judges.

the result ECCO FEI World Championships

Van Liere’s top score put the Dutch ahead in the Team competition as well. She was helped out by teammate Thamar Zweistra and Hexagon’s Ich Weiss, who scored 72.376 percent. Germany is holding in second place, followed by Team Denmark, with medals to be decided on Sunday, when the other half of the national teams get their chance in the arena.

Notable mentions include Germany’s Eventing juggernaut Ingrid Klimke in ECCO FEI World Championships 2022 , remarkably in seventh place at present with Franziskus, Gretha Ferreira of South Africa, in the top 12 with Zidane, 14th-place rider Fie Christine Skarsoe of Luxembourg with Emperador Dos Cedros, Stella Hagelstam of Finland with Mount St John Kom Fairy Tale, in 16th, and Norway’s Mathilde Merethe Klaesson with Sandbaeks Rio EL, holding 20th place.

Unlike some other competitions, fans also got to see riders from countries that aren’t always represented. It’s always fantastic to see nations that don’t have big Dressage programmes competing, like Singapore, India, Armenia, Hungary, Colombia, Palestine, and Brazil.

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Danish rider Nanna Merrald Rasmussen led the pack at the halfway point of the day’s roster, earning 76.724 percent with Blue Horse Zack, a former ride of teammate Daniel Bachmann Andersen, who will compete on Day 2. Rasmussen is in fourth place currently, still well poised for a podium spot in both Team and Individual categories.

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The ECCO FEI World Championships 2022 got underway on Saturday at Herning with three exciting Vaulting events. Compulsory tests were held for in the Squad, Individual Female, and Individual Male categories to see who will take home the medals on Monday, August 8th.

In the Squad competition, it was Team France and their 15-year-old Hanoverian Londontime at the top of the leaderboard with a score of 8.068, thanks to stellar performances by two world number 1-ranked athletes: Manon Moutinho and Lambert Leclezio. They got a nice boost from teammates Jeanne Braun, Louis Dumont, Dorian Terrier, and Quentin Jabet, along with lunger Corinne Bosshard.

The ECCO FEI World Championships 2022

Moutinho led the field in the Female competition as well, this time aboard Saitiri, a 15-year-old Oldenburg mare, again with Bosshard on the lunging line. As amazing as her score of 8.445 was, teammate Leclezio came in with a whopping 9.240 points in the Male category, working with Dutch Warmblood Estado IFCE and Loic Devedu on the lunge.

Fans wearing face paint and waving flags for their favourite nations and competitors flocked to the Jyske Bank Boxen throughout the day. There, in the beautiful new indoor area, they got to see some of the world’s best equestrian vaulters trying to hang onto their standings from the recent FEI Vaulting World Cup™ or break into the upper echelon of the discipline.

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